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♀ Arashi Alina Starkov

Birthdate: 24/05/2019
Sex: Female 
Color EMS/Code: NFO f 09 24 (Black Spotted Torbie with white)
Health: GSD-IV N/N ☀️ FelV-FiVHV free ☀️PK def N/N ☀️HCM (parents) Normal
Father: Arashi Thrall Mother: Arashi Jade

Pedigree PAWPEDS

Alina is a long bodied cat with an XXL tail, sturdy boning and like all  of Thrall's sons and daughters to date, big like him. She is very adventurous but with a noble and good nature and a great attachment to the humans and affability towards the rest of the cats.



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Bosque Arashi

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