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Litter 2024 (Horizon Zero Dawn)

Birthdate: 27 Jan 2024

We introduce our 2024 litter born on January 27th. This is the second litter between our Arashi Alina and Kisping Czarlandia*Pl, and we have welcomed our second red female born in our cattery (as both parents must bring each a copy of the Orange pigment).

The birth of Sylens, the blue kitten, reveals that Alina's genotype carries the dilution allele, the one responsible to turn black into blue and red into cream, as these expressions of the colours only manifest when 2 copies of the alleles are present. (We already knew Kisping carried the allele because his mom is a diluted tortie).

The babies show an endearing temperament and they start manifesting the zen attitude of mommy Alina; it's so cute to see them play together, delicately measuring their strengths. They already climb our bed every night to form a cute sleeping bundle.

Name, Sex, Color, Status
  • Sylens, NFO a 09 24 (Blue spotted tabby w white) BOOKED

  • Aloy, Girl, NFO d 09 24 (red spotted tabby w white) BOOKED

  • Varl, NFO n 09 22 (Black blotched tabby w white) BOOKED
  • Erend, NFO n 09 24 (Black spotted tabby w white) BOOKED

Parents of the littler

Kisping Czarlandia*PL
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Arashi Alina Starkov
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