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If you are interested in a current kitten or a kitten from our future plans, please write to us explaining the experience you have with cats, the home that you offer and if you at present have more pets.
We are  located in Madrid, Spain and we don't ship kittens. For petitioners abroad we need good references and for you to come collect the kitten in person and take him with you in the airplane cabin whenever train or road travel is not possible. For breeders, we only accept registered, responsible ones, we will reject rehomers and the ones who keep cats in kennels, caged, isolated without human contact. We understand breeding as a hobby with a great responsibility where the priority is always the welfare of the breeder cats and their kittens. 

 Current litter: Golden Sun

Birthdate: 19 jul 2023

This is the first litter from our beloved ginger boy Kisping Czarlandia*PL and our adorable Arashi Triss.

Golden Sun is a japanese JRPG videogame that became a classic after more than 20 years; we chose this name for the litter in hopes that Nintendo will someday reboot the saga for the sake of the nostalgic gamers.

The babies are a perfect combination of the best qualities of their parents. They are extra playful and smart but with a very noble and sweet nature.

Name, Sex, Color
  • Hans, Boy, n 09 24 (black spotted tabby with white)

  • Garet, Boy, NFO n 03 22 (black blotched tabby bicolor with white)

  • Mia, Girl, NFO g 09 22 (blue blotched torbie with white)

  • Jenna, Girl, NFO f 09 24 (black spotted torbie with white)

  • Iwan, Boy, NFO n 09 24 (black spotted tabby with white)


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Bosque Arashi

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