Norwegian Forest breeders in Madrid

Before adopting


  • Ensure you find a kitten from recognised breeding cats (pedigreed) registered under any of the international feline associations. Many breeds have official online databases to help identify the breeding families and to find out if the kitten is the result of a serious breeding program observing certain rules (no cat appears twice in the first 4 generations of the cat). Don't fall for the claim "the kitten's parents are pedigreed", the cat should have its own pedigree. The Norwegian Forest Cats are nowadays recognised by the following feline associations:

    • The International Cat Association (TICA)
    • The Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA)
    • Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF)
    • World Cat Federation (WCF)
    • American Cat Fanciers Association (ACFA)
    • Deutsche Rassekatzen Union (DRU)
    • Federation Internationale Féline (FIFe)
  • A serious breeder will always wait until the kitten is at least 12 weeks old before allowing it to move to the new home, this is to ensure a complete socialisation and a complete vaccine shot schedule. For an early neutering the breeder will make sure the kitten has reached a safe weight before doing so and will ensure an experienced veterinarian will perform the procedure and the kitten will be ready to move when the vet allows it. Kittens who will board an airplane will need to be 16 weeks for the rabies vaccine to be safe for them and a 21 day period will be observed before boarding as it's been stablished by the airplane companies.

  • Mating Norwegian Forest Cats with other breeds is forbidden. No kitten born from a mix breed mating can be recognised by a feline association and it shall be forbidden to enter a breeding program. This is to preserve the genetic pool of the breed as it is, and to avoid the introduction of the unknown from a genetic, temperament and health perspective.

  • Norwegian Forest Cats can't be found for sale in petshops. The feline associations prohibit the breeders to provide kittens for sale petshops, they also forbid them to deliver cats to laboratories or entities that experiment with them. 

  • Declawing is forbidden, it is a barbaric mutilation that equals cutting the last joint of a finger in a human. Please refer to this article and this leaflet.

Our conditions:

  • We don't ship cats, cats must always travel with a trusted responsible person.

  • Prior knowledge of the new owners is a must: In case you can't come in person, we need to get to know you for several months and have good references from a trusted source. You must understand also we want to be able to follow up on the cat.
  • Cats for breeding: we prefer pet homes for our kittens. We could consider petitions from breeders who are registered, can provide good references, share the same breeding goals and good practices, not rehome the cat on a regular basis (only when it becomes strictly necessary and will inform us beforehand), test the breeding cats as necessary, care for the breed preservation and the cats' welfare and ensure the descendants go to good homes and are early neutered or have a pet agreement in accordance with the laws.

Bosque Arashi

Norwegian Forest Cat Breeders in Madrid (Spain)
TICA breeder 21008 - FIFE breeder 2021
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