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Birthdate: 30 Jan 2022

This is the first litter between our Alina and Kisping Czarlandia*Pl. They show the charming temper of both mom and dad and they are smart and agile just like them. It's the first time a red female is born in our cattery, as both parents must bring each a copy of the O(range) pigment. 

Name, Sex, Color, Status
  • Wheatley, Boy, d 09 24 (red spotted tabby w white) - BOOKED

  • Chell, Girl, NFO d 09 24 (red spotted tabby w white) - ON HOLD

Parents of the littler

Kisping Czarlandia*PL
Dad's site
Arashi Alina Starkov
Mom's site

Bosque Arashi

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