Norwegian Forest breeders in Madrid

Litter 2016-2 (WoW)

Birthdate: 23 Aug 2016

They are 4 females: Jaina, Maiev, Sylvanas and Tyrande & 4 males: Illidan, Thrall, Kalecgos and Anduin.

Super cuddly temper, good boning and well balanced kittens.

GSDIV N/N, PK-def N/N, parents HCM tested normal.

Parents of the littler

Arashi Connor ♦ NFO as 23
Ver ficha del padre/ Dad's site
SE*Sweet Wolverine's Black Widow ♦ NFO f 09 24
Mom's site

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Bosque Arashi

Norwegian Forest Cat Breeders in Madrid (Spain)
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