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Litter 2023-2 (Golden Sun)

Birthdate: 19 jul 2023

This is the first litter from our beloved ginger boy Kisping Czarlandia*PL and our adorable Arashi Triss.

Golden Sun is a japanese JRPG videogame that became a classic after more than 20 years; we chose this name now that Nintendo has rebooted the saga for the sake of the nostalgic gamers.

The babies are a perfect combination of the best qualities of their parents. They are extra playful and smart but with a very noble and sweet nature.

Name, Sex, Color
  • Hans, Boy, n 09 24 (black spotted tabby with white) STAYS

  • Garet, Boy, NFO n 03 22 (black blotched tabby bicolor with white) NEW HOME

  • Mia, Girl, NFO g 09 22 (blue blotched torbie with white) STAYS

  • Jenna, Girl, NFO f 09 24 (black spotted torbie with white) NEW HOME

  • Iwan, Boy, NFO n 09 24 (black spotted tabby with white) NEW HOME

Parents of the littler

Kisping Czarlandia*PL
Dad's site
Arashi Triss
Mom's site

Image Gallery

Bosque Arashi

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