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Litter 2020-2 (The Witcher)

In June 22nd, the first litter of Arashi Jesper Fahey and our Swedish princess S * Timedas Iris was born.

As we expected, the little ones have a very fixed Norwegian Forest look, with an ideal standard in terms of triangle proportions, head, size of ears and their position, strong bone structure with very thich legs and very pretty faces that remind of their parents and grandparents. They have a cheerful and calm character as well as playful and curious. They are all in their new homes.

  • Geralt, male NFO n 03 23
  • Triss, female NFO n 09 23 
  • Ciri, female NFO n 09 23 
  • Yennefer, female NFO n 09 23

Parents of the littler

Arashi Jesper FaheyNFO n 09 23
Dad's site
S*Timedas Iris NFO n 09 22
Mom's site

Kittens of the littler

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Bosque Arashi

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