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Litter 2023 (Half-Life)

Birthdate: 4 mar 2023

This is the only litter from SE*Sweet Wolverines Black Widow and Kisping Czarlandia*PL;  this will be Black's last litter, this is why it means a lot to us.

Alyx is the cheerfulness made cat, a true chatterbox, a jumping crazy girl that headbumps and purrs so intensely you may one day expect she will end up melting away in a puddle of love.

Name, Sex, Color, Status
  • Alyx, Girl, f 09 22 (blotched tortie tabby with white) - Stays

Parents of the littler

Kisping Czarlandia*PL
Dad's site
SE*Sweet Wolverine's Black Widow
Mom's site

Bosque Arashi

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