Norwegian Forest breeders in Madrid

Litter 2019-2 (Shadow and Bone)

Birthdate: 24 May 2019

They are three boys and a girl with a long body & tail, great profiles, chins and oblique almond eyes; very nice temper and also very smart:

  • Aleksander Morozova male ns 24 In new home
  • Nikolai Lantsov male n 09 24 In new home
  • Malyen Oretsev male ns 09 24 In new home
  • Alina Starkov female f 09 24  STAYS

Parents of the littler

Arashi Thrall ♦ NFO ds 09
Dad's site
Arashi Jade♦ NFO n 09 22
Mom's site

Kittens of the littler

Image Gallery

Bosque Arashi

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