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♂ Old School Tree House

Birthdate: 22 July 2013
Sex: Male
Color EMS: NFO n 09 22 (Black Tabby Blotched with white)
Health:  GSD-IV N/N ☀️ PK def N/N ☀️ HCM Normal (Oct. 2014 S. Lecica; Jul 2016 A. Casasús).
Dad: Jaime Lannister Tree House-ES ♥ Mom: (N)Stiv Kuling's Clementine

Pedigree PAWPEDS

"Ollie" as we call him at home, is a calm cuddly stud, always ready to purr when he is with us. We love that he is a sturdy type, with the good boning and proportions that remind the old ancestors of the Norwegian Forest Cats . His head is lovely and round and his chin is strong, he's also got a wild-sweet eye expression and ears topped with lynx tips. 

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Bosque Arashi

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