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♀ Arashi Kaia Nieves

Birthdate: 8 Jan 2018
Sex: Female
Color EMS: NFO fs -Black Smoke Tortie
Health: All normal. GSD-IV N/N ☀️ FelV-FiVHV free ☀️PK def N/N ☀️ HCM Normal
Father: Arashi Thrall ♥ Mother: Arashi Kaylee

Pedigree Pawpeds


Kaia is our biggest and sweetest female cat. With long tail, body and legs and strong bones, just like her sisters; since she was a baby she loves to stay in our lap and it was impossible to let her go. She is of noble nature like her father and her playful attitude comes from her mother. She responds when you talk to her and adores our moments of pampering.

She has not been a mom yet but we look forward to her future babies.


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Bosque Arashi

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