Norwegian Forest breeders in Madrid

Breeders with our cats

We don't sell many cats for breeding but when we do, we want our cats to go live with experienced breeders who don't rehome after a breeding program and care for their welfare the same way we do (Listed in alphabetical order)

Dakota Plains

Ruby and her family live with our Simon and our Jaina in Rosholt (S.Dakota/USA)

Dakota Plains

Frozen Lands

Our dear friends María & José live with our cats Doggett and Sylvanas in Valladolid (Spain)

Frozen Lands *ES

Furry Heaven

Here is where Crowley lives with our friends Dionne and Ronald (Dordrecht)

Of Matrix Castle

Our Elena lives here as a breeding Queen with Gabi, Sarah and their family (Germany)

Of Matrix Castle

Van Tandaradei

Arashi Claire Novak lives with our friend Anne Meurs in the Netherlands

Cattery Van Tandaradei

Bosque Arashi

Norwegian Forest Cat Breeders in Madrid (Spain)
TICA breeder 21008 - FIFE breeder 2021
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