Gatos Bosque de Noruega en Madrid

♀ Kerrigan Arashi

Fecha de Nacimiento/Birthdate: 06 Aug 2010
Sexo/Sex: Hembra/Female
Color EMS: NFO n 09 23 (Tabby Mackerel Black & White)
Salud/Health: Libre de/Free of GSD-IV, Pk-def, FelV-FiV-HV. HCM-PKD-CIN Normal.
Padre/Father: SE*Black Forest Leo  ♥  Madre/Mother: Saira Tierra Media*ES
Show Resultados/Results: Exc1 (3-6m) BIV, Nom for BIS | 29.01.2011 Bordeaux; Exc3 (3-6m) | 30.01.2011 Bordeaux, Madrid 21.05.2011: (6-10m) Exc1

Pedigree Pawpeds

Kerrigan is a long and tall female with very beautiful proportions in her body, a nice wild look, great fur, a great profile, ears wide in the base and beautiful green eyes. Her temper is very sweet and calm, a zen girl, and she is a super mom and a very reliable breeding girl.

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Bosque Arashi

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